As a social and educational community we offer a wide variety of opportunities to build connection. Our social events are primarily for our member families and occasionally provide opportunities for our families to invite their extended family members and special friends into our inner circle. Our educational offerings are open to the public, giving opportunities for all to learn about and discuss in greater depth all topics relevant to adoption, parenting, race, culture, and identity. We are an inclusive community that creates spaces for people to learn from one another as well as to build much needed friendships and life-long bonds.

Social Events

We are a community of many transracially adoptive families. As of Fall 2013 we hold approximately 660 people in our membership. We gather together, in groups of varying sizes, for many social events. Being both transracial and adoptive is a unique journey, and these events provide an opportunities for our families to create a community of peers who understand this journey without needing additional education. We are all living transracially and adoptively.

Our most popular event every month is our Family Pot Luck. These are hosted in member family homes, each attending family is assigned a food item to bring to share, and are members-only events. We always ask that the ingredients in the dishes are listed so that those with allergies and other dietary preferences can select as avoid food options as needed. We provide name badges for all to encourage the building of community among our families. These events are maintained as members-only so that our families may experience a privacy they do not usually experience in day-to-day engagement with the neighborhoods and other communities in which they live.

TAFicity also offers social gatherings in public community venues. At these events, we tend not to wear name badges, for the safety of our children and for the privacy of our families. Member families offer creative opportunities to gather, to explore the world together. We have had picnics in the park, attended concerts together (both indoors and outside), taken camping trips and enjoyed mother-daughter retreats. We have met at the zoo, museums, botanic gardens, theaters (movie and stage), the butterfly pavilion; we’ve met for playdate at Jumpoline, Jump Street, and Monkey Bizness as well as for pool parties at various locations. We have attended the National Western Stock Show Rodeo in honor of Dr. King and celebrated Christmas, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Halloween, Our families have enjoyed together the delights offered at various fall festivals, the Black Arts Festival and Boogaloo Parade, the Justice League Street Food Fair, the Dragon Boats Festival. We have celebrated various USA patriotic holidays at our pot luck and picnic events: Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. We have hosted playdates for our youngest kiddos and encouraged our tweens and teens to create their own Diversity Dance. Our parents have gotten together for Moms’ Night Out events, Single Moms’ Night Out, and other social events.

We partner with other organizations and support their missions that are similar to ours: camps for adoptive families, post-adoption resources, experts in adoption-related mental health services, and many more. Together, we attend galas, retreats, and community-based workshops. Additionally, we are presenters of workshops at their conferences.