Please join us for our Book Club meeting on February 7th.

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Hello, Readers!

In February, we’ll be discussing Teaching the Cat to Sit by Boulder author, Michelle Theall. Her book is a compelling memoir of a gay Catholic woman struggling to find balance between being a daughter and a mother raising her son with a loving partner in the face of discrimination.

We are so excited to welcome Michelle Theall to our book club discussion on February 7th!  This is another MUST ATTEND event!

Luckily, February’s selection is also eligible for Amazon’s Smile Foundation donation program to charitable nonprofits – so when you go to and make your selection for Teaching the Cat to Sitbe sure to select TAFicity as your charity-of-choice!

Synopsis from Amazon:

TeachingTheCatToSit MichelleTheall February2016From the time she was born, Michelle Theall knew she was different. Coming of age in the Texas Bible Belt, a place where it was unacceptable to be gay, Theall found herself at odds with her strict Roman Catholic parents, bullied by her classmates, abandoned by her evangelical best friend whose mother spoke in tongues, and kicked out of Christian organizations that claimed to embrace her—all before she’d ever held a girl’s hand. Shame and her longing for her mother’s acceptance led her to deny her feelings and eventually run away to a remote stretch of mountains in Colorado. There, she made her home on an elk migration path facing the Continental Divide, speaking to God every day, but rarely seeing another human being.

At forty-three years of age and seemingly settled in her decision to live life openly as a gay woman, Theall and her partner attempt to have their son baptized into the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in the liberal town of Boulder, Colorado. Her quest to have her son accepted into the Church leads to a battle with Sacred Heart and with her mother that leaves her questioning everything she thought she knew about the bonds of family and faith. And she realizes that in order to be a good mother, she may have to be a bad daughter. Teaching the Cat to Sit examines the modern roles of motherhood and religion and demonstrates that our infinite capacity to love has the power to shape us all.


Please come if you’ve read the book or not. Please also bring a light snack to share and let Shawna know if you need to bring your child along in order to attend.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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