Join us for TAFicity Book Club Meeting November 1st

Hi, Readers!

November’s book selection has been changed so that we can welcome the authors of both November’s selection and February’s selection! 

Exciting news! I have been able to get Maura Weiler, author of Contrition, to come to our TAFicity book group in November. To do this, we are switching this month’s book with February’s book, so Michelle Theall, the author of Teaching the Cat to Sit, is able to attend our February book group. These discussions should be exciting with the authors there! (Blog post for February’s book to be posted December 1st!)

Luckily, November’s selection is also eligible for the Amazon Foundation’s donation program to charitable nonprofits – so when you go to and make your selection for Contrition – be sure to have selected TAFicity as your charity-of-choice!


It’s almost time for another meeting of the TAFicity book group. I had to miss August due to a deadline with my own book, and I’ve missed seeing you. Our next meeting will be Sunday, November 1, 4-6 pm at my house in Denver. Broncos fans, come as long as you can. The game doesn’t start until 6:30 that day, so you’ll have plenty of time to be literary and an arm chair athlete all on the same day. :)


Contrition is a novel about twin sisters separated by adoption who reconnect through art, faith, and a father who touched the world through his paintings. One twin is a journalist while the other is a cloistered nun who has taken a vow of silence. Hoping to get to know her sister and research the potential story, Dorie poses as an aspiring nun at the convent where Catherine lives. Her growing relationship with Catherine helps Dorie come to terms with her adoption, but soon the sisters’ shared biological past and uncertain futures collide as they clash over the meaning and purpose of art.

Maura is a writer who lives in Denver with her husband and their two children who were adopted domestically. As a member of a transracial family (and a part of TAFicity member family!), she is excited to meet our group.

All are welcome! We’ll meet 4-6 pm on November 1, at the Ervins’ house. Please check out exact detail on our private Meetup pages.

Please come if you’ve read the book or not. I look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks!

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