We welcome all transracially adoptive families.  We welcome prospective transracially adoptive families who have received their international adoption referral, their domestic adoption match, or who are in-process of completing a foster-adoption.  We also welcome adult transracial adoptees as well as the birth-parents of the adoptive children of our member families.

All TAFicity Members become members upon approval by our Membership Administrator and TAFicity’s receipt of payment of Membership Dues (see our Giving page for links) by each Member or Member Family.


TAFicity strives to respect and protect the privacy for its member families.  To that end,we utilize the appropriate privacy controls provided by each social media resource that we use.  The most stringent settings are on our Meetup pages as this is where our membership list resides.  See section below regarding the specific details of privacy settings on Meetup.

On our website, the Members section is for members only.  While Policies are viewable by the public, the Directory and Discussion tabs are for private, members-only use.  Only approved member families may join TAFicity, Inc through the Join pages; only member families may login to our private pages under Member Log-in.  The TAFicity policy regarding private family information is that it will not be shared with third parties with identifying information (for example, names attached to personal demographics).  We will use this data for both programming needs as well as to secure funding (grants, foundations, private donors, etc) through the various application processes where specific demographic statistics are required.

We utilize Meetup for organizing and posting all our social and educational events in order to ensure the most privacy possible.  It also serves to promote our TAFicity member community.  To protect member family privacy, TAFicity has established the following privacy settings: All TAFicity Pages are set to the “Private” Meetup Group setting so all group content is hidden from non-members except for

  • basic stats listed at the top of the TAFicity’s Meetup home page, including the member count, TAFicity group description, TAFicity ratings, and TAFicity member comments
  • TAFicity’s “About Us” page
  • information about joining TAFicity
  • any message board forums which Meetup sets to be accessible by everybody (currently TAFicity has opted to keep all discussion forms private and accessible to only TAFicity members)
  • Any changes made by Meetup over which TAFicity is not allowed to alter to our preference.

The TAFicity Meetup Group Message Board is set to “on” for members to post notes and communicate with one another.  All members can see all posts; non-members may not see posts due to privacy controls prohibiting access.

Only TAFicity members are allowed to send email messages to the TAFicity group mailing list.  Only TAFicity Member families have access to our website Member Directory.

New meetup pages for TAFicity can only be created by your leadership team (Organizers: CEO & Intern).  Blog posts and other changes to the content on our website may be made by your CEO, our Intern, and, as needed, our website designer.  We do welcome guest bloggers; we review and curate submissions as well as request permissions to re-post published blogs and articles as needed.

TAFicity Meetup Gatherings are posted to our public Facebook page and to our website, without location or other personal details.  Only TAFicity member families may access such details through their membership access to our Meetup pages.

Facebook:  TAFicity has a public Facebook page where we post upcoming TAFicity events as well as articles and community resources relevant to living as a transracial and / or an adoptive family.  We also use this page to post links to our website blog posts.

Linked In: TAFicity has a public TAFicity page on Linked In (interested parties must request access) where we post upcoming TAFicity events as well as articles and community resources relevant to living as a transracial and / or an adoptive family.  We also use this page to post links to our website blog posts.

Twitter:  TAFicity has a Twitter account.  Anyone with a Twitter account may follow our Twitter page.  Therefore, what we post here is limited to published articles and blogs that are found on many public forums on the internet.  No private information about our events is posted here, however, we may post upcoming events without location details and drive prospective attendees of our public, educational offerings to the appropriate links as needed.

Pinterest: TAFicity has a Pinterest account with multiple pages relevant to adoption, race, and culture.

Coming Soon: Instagram, Tumblr – attention to privacy needs will be honored and attended to.


Photos used by TAFicity, Inc. are submitted by member families after the parents of the member family have signed a Marketing Release indicating their consent for TAFicity to use these images. In addition, for those member families who have a signed Marketing Release on file, any photos taken at any TAFicity event may also be used.
Regarding Meetup: For all members’ privacy, we have opted to keep our Meetup pages private.  This includes any photos that are posted of our events.  If you would rather not have photos taken of your family members at any events, please let those with cameras know to respect your privacy by not taking pictures of your family members.  Know that this request for privacy is respected and understood as some of our families include foster children who legally cannot be photographed.


TAFicity Social Events are open to all member families. When social events are posted, the event host may opt to further offer the invitation for extended family members and special friends (godparents, mentors, birth family members, for example) of member families to attend this specific social event. However, this is not a requirement.
Some TAFicity families are more comfortable with our social events being for member families only. Others have expressed a preference to be allowed to bring special family friends and extended family to our events. By allowing each host family to decide who they are willing to welcome into their homes (or, in the case of public settings, to the events they have organized and are hosting), we honor the preferences of all. Families may opt into or out of each event according to their comfort levels and preferences.

Returned Checks

Any checks written to TAFicity, Inc that are returned for insufficient funds will be returned to the check writer with the following reimbursement requirement: Check writer will be required to pay TAFicity, Inc in either cash or credit / debit card the original amount of the check plus $50 plus $20 in bank-fees for returned checks.