When: An Adoptee’s Experience – guest blogger S. Hein

Context: Ms. Hein, a transracial adoptee in her tweens, created the following poem for a middle school language arts assignment.  Ms. Hein selected her topic and wrote her poem during class time, using evenings at home to practice and memorize her work. She asserts these are her thoughts, her feelings, her experiences and respects others’… Read more ➞

Preview of “Contrition” by Maura Weiler – post by Shawna Ervin

Hi, Readers! November’s book selection has been changed so that we can welcome the authors of both November’s selection and February’s selection!  Exciting news! I have been able to get Maura Weiler, author of Contrition, to come to our TAFicity book group in November. To do this, we are switching this month’s book with February’s… Read more ➞

REMINDER: Be Cyber-Fabulous & Support for TAFicity

Hello, Community Supporter! Please support TAFicity Inc while you shop online deals TODAY on Cyber Monday!  Every penny counts, so please select us as your charity-of-choice when shopping on www.smile.amazon.com .   Cyber Monday Shopping Options to Support TAFicity:   1) SMILE for TAFicity!  Head over to www.smile.amazon.com and select TAFicity Inc as your charity… Read more ➞

Give the Gift of TAFicity Membership

Hello, Community Supporter! Do you know a transracial family who could benefit from a loving, welcoming, accepting, and supportive community?  Consider paying a year’s membership in TAFicity for this family! As a 501(c)(3) organization, all donations made to us, including membership dues gifts, are fully tax-deductible. The transracially adoptive family you gift with membership will… Read more ➞

Announcing: Simply Support

TAFicity, Inc is offering a support group for adoptive parents, beginning in February of 2015. This group is funded in part by COPARC (Colorado Post Adoption Resource).  Participants must complete some paperwork in order to participate. Each month, RSVPs are required 8 days in advance as space is limited and we want to ensure enough… Read more ➞

When You Check The Box (re-blog post)

So well-said, so beautifully and honestly written. When You Check The Box – Angela Tucker of The Adopted Life

Welcome to our New Website (TAFicity blog post)

We are excited to welcome you all to our new website! Welcome to the virtual neighborhood that is TAFicity, a social and educational community for transracially adoptive families.  We invite you to join us on our journey as we work to build a better world for our children, our families, and truly, for all. In… Read more ➞

A Letter to My ( Adopted ) Child (TAFicity blog post)

By Patti Jacobs Hein Dear Child of Mine, Before I met you, I was the perfect parent.  I had all the answers, was confident in the best ways to care for you, to build you up, to keep you safe, to teach you to make good choices for yourself, to nurture your dreams, and guide… Read more ➞

“The Adopted Child: Trauma and Its Impact” by Bryan Post (re-blog post)

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In support of “When Turning Five Is An Excruciating Experience” by Jane Posittbach (See posting from December 29, 2013) we share this with you: http://postinstitute.com/blog/2013/11/06/the-adopted-child-trauma-and-its-impact-bryan-post/  

A Worthy Voice: Trans-racial adoptee; Susan Harris O’Connor (re-blog post)

Given the recently renewed back-and-forth over whether white adults can be good parents, even good enough parents, to children of color (via transracial adoption, specifically), I want to share this with you.

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