Our Mission

TAFicity, Inc. is a social and educational community for transracially adoptive families. We offer opportunities for social connection among our families where welcome, acceptance, validation, and support naturally develop and continuously occur. We provide educational programming to meet the diverse needs of our community so that our community remains vital, fortified, and prepared to meet the needs and challenges each of our families face with respect to our individual diversities and adoptive nature. From this fortification we are then prepared to engage with the larger communities around us, providing ongoing education regarding adoption and diversity simply by being who we are and through the relationships we have, both internal to TAFicity, and external to TAFicity.

Our Values

TAFicity, Inc. values the acceptance and welcome of all through a desegregated, continuous community, embracing multiple continua of diversity: racial, spiritual, political, sexual, ability, economics, educational level, and birth circumstance.